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Humans Are Natural Toolmakers

The Home Page uses a very specific Header Element. It takes advantage of almost all of the features the header element provides.

The Home Page uses a very specific Header Element. It takes advantage of almost all of the features the header element provides. Including Featured Image background, merged with site header and custom Navigation location and colors. Get to know more about the Header Element here:

The Merged Site Header Element

The computing pioneers of the 1970s and 80s envisioned a future where the machines on our desks would amplify imagination (Alan Kay), extend human intellect (Doug Engelbart), and help us model information in ways never before seen (Ted Nelson). This is the type of tool we want to build together at Notion — one that gives you software you can mold and shape like clay to solve your problems your way.

We’ve heard Notion described many ways. It can be as simple as a blank piece of paper, making writing feel light and delightful. It can be as complex as a relational database that stores huge amounts of data. We sometimes compare it to a set of Legos (if Legos were designed by The New York Times). But at its core, Notion is a toolbox of software building blocks that let you manage your life and work however you find most useful.

Team of Toolmakers

Here at Notion, our work shapes our culture and our culture inspires our work. We seek to work with creative toolmakers that want to be the best at their craft.

We believe the best companies bring together diversity in race, age, physical and mental ability, sexuality, gender identity, ethnicity, perspectives and ideas. And people do their best work when they feel like they belong — included, valued, and equal. This is the Notion we want to build, where everyone brings their full selves to work knowing that they’ll be heard, championed, and supported to succeed. We hope you’ll join us.

We’ll resume work as an in-person company in September, with folks starting to spend the majority of work time in the office then. We’re passionate about the magic that can happen when people are in shared spaces. Notion is still so early, we want to harness all the creativity, brainstorming, and inspiration that comes from being together. That’s how we’ll keep moving fast.

Time Off

We want people to take time off to rest and rejuvenate. Notion offers unlimited paid vacation as well as 10 observed holidays by country.


We hold team retreats twice a year – including plus-ones! Past trips have been to Hawaii, Tahoe, Park City and Breckenridge, Colorado.

How to change the navigation colors?

In the Site Header tab you are given color controls for the header and the navigation. These override the colors set in the customizer. To note: the colors in the customizer will still apply to the Sticky Navigation.

How to use this header element on other pages?

If you want an exact copy of this header then you can simply add more pages, posts or templates to the Display Rules. But seeing as the home page would deserve some pretty specific headlines, you probably want to make a copy of it and change the content for your needs. Of course you can do this manually or use the Duplicate Post plugin – just make sure to edit the plugin settings and include Elements.


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